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Escrow Services

Escrow Services ( Southern California )

West Coast Escrow has 60 branches making it the largest escrow operation in Southern California. Founded in 1965, the escrow services have a well established reputation of trust, expertise, performance and financial stability. Escrow allows the buyer and seller to transfer property, per their contractual agreement, through a neutral party thereby assuring no funds or property will change hand until all terms have been met.

WCE is a full service escrow company handling all escrow needs including sales, tracts, commercial property, exchanges, bulk sales, refinances and loans. Our high caliber escrow officers are creative problem solvers who provide timely, responsive and quality service.

As an industry leader in developing better ways to deliver escrow services through innovation and technology, Escrow Link was initiated in 1999, allowing real estate agents access to status reports through the Internet. In 1998 the Resource Center was opened to assist the branches, as a remote employee, performing several time consuming tasks allowing the escrow officers to focus on customer needs.

Currently, West Coast Escrow continues to grow through long-standing relationships with our clients and the communities they service though out Southern California.